Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gradient Manicure

I recently became aware of the gradient manicure, in which color is dark at the tip and fades towards the cuticle. It's sort of an interesting take on the (too?) perfect French mani. I gave it a try using New York Color's new quick dry formula (In a New York Color Minute) in Fifth Avenue, a shimmery copper color. Check it out!

I first painted the tip with Fifth Avenue, and then used Orly Polish Thinner and a trusty cheap-o paint brush to smudge the polish before it dried. Then I painted the tip with Fifth Avenue again to make it darker. This took a few tries on several of the's kind of tough to smudge it perfectly. I topped it with Maybelline Salon Expert in Rock Out, sheer shimmery/glittery topcoat.

I think it came out pretty cool. I would not use this color for a gradient manicure again though - it came out browner than I expected, and I was worried that people would think I had dirt under my fingernails!

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